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Brugge / Bruges 8 december 2013
In the last half of the 19th century, Bruges became one of the world's first
tourist destinations attracting wealthy British and French tourists.
Restorations of residential and commercial structures, historic monuments,
and churches generated a surge in tourism and economic activity in the ancient
downtown area. International tourism has boomed. Now the city attracts
some 2 million tourists annually.

Beautiful architecture at Antwerp Central Station

train from Antwerp to Bruges

Antwerp Berchem station

Minnewater Lake, Poertoren (tower) en kasteel de la Faille (castle)

In the south part of Bruges, surrounded by trees and the adjacent
Minnewaterpark, you’ll find a small rectangular lake called 'Minnewater'
or Lake of Love. The tragic romance of Minna and her warrior love
Stromberg has evolved into local legend saying that you will experience
eternal love if you walk over the lake bridge with your partner.
This of course turns Lake of Love into an exceptionally romantic spot.

Hotel Egmond

The Beguinage

Bruges’ delightful begijnhof originally dates from the 13th century.
Although the last begijn has long since passed away, today residents of
the pretty, whitewashed garden complex include a convent of Benedictine nuns.

waffles and beer

Brugge, city of chocolate

The Groeningemuseum, 'City museum of Fine Arts'.
It houses a comprehensive survey of six centuries of Flemish and Belgian painting,
spanning several centuries (14th-20th), and focusing mainly on works by painters who
lived and worked in Bruges.

"The Venice of the North"

the Rozenhoedkaai

fish market

Palace of the Liberty of Bruges (Landhuis van het Brugse Vrije)

Burg square

The City Hall (1376), the Burg square

Basilica of the Holy Blood
This chapel contains a phial that reputedly contains Christ's blood brought back from the Crusades.

Chocolate museum & French fries museum

Jan van Eyck Square
Flemish painter, active in Bruges and generally considered
one of the most significant Northern European painters of the 15th century.

Markt (central market square)

The Belfry situated on the south side of the Markt.

Veterinary, "From Head to Tail" (van Kop tot Staart)

Kruispoort, one of the preserved old city gateways at the East side of the old city.
Other remaining gateways are the Gentpoort, Smedenpoort and the Ezelpoort.

The Bonne-Chière windmill