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Canada 2016 - visiting the Ontario Hoekstra family

September 4 & 5

And amazed we were.

Dutch and Frisian gifts for the family.

Yvonne and Paul their place.

Tante Rudy is also there.

Skype with my parents and nephew Thomas.

Wonderful family summer dinner with salad, spare ribs and sweet corns.

And some sweet stuff and fruit.

Tante Rudy, Bill & Anne, Aaron, Jacqueline, Yvonne

Now with Neil in Dutch orange.
Claire was also there, she is not on my pictures.

Canadian butter tarts.

Our Airbnb place with Mei and Gilles.
We had a very pleasant stay with them.

Tante Rudy her place, this is where they take those wonderful Christmas family group pictures.

Uncle Sjoerd his room at the end, with garden view

Wonderful lunch with Tante Rudy, Paul and Yvonne

The celebration days calander.

Leaving for a tour to visit this area.
With more than 60 years of family history.

Several family members have worked here.

Uncle Sjoerd also in the garaga behind the Knox school in Bowmanville.

Knox Christian School

The Rehoboth Christian Reformed Church in Bowmanville

Behind this house on Elgin Street was the barn where Sjoerd and Rudy started

The house on Third Street

The house on Liberty Street where they lived 30 years.

The hill house on Liberty Street

Anne & Bill in Bowmanville

The Bowmanville POW camp

Also known as Camp 30 was a Canadian-run POW camp
for German soldiers during World War II located (2020 Lambs Road).

After the war ended, the POWs were shipped back to Europe, and
the site resumed its use as a school.

The property remained as a boys training school until 1979
and various acamedic used until 2008

In present times, the P.O.W Camp 30 is greatly neglected.

In 2013, Camp 30 received a spot on Heritage Canada's list for 'The top 10
endangered places of 2013' mainly because it was scheduled to be demolished, due
to neglect of the buildings, and the value of the land to a developer.
This demolition plan was cancelled later in 2013, after it was named a National
Historic Site.

Bowmanville Cemetery

Yvonne is a tough biker girl.

Never tried this before. I liked it.

Time for Pizza

We had a great time with all of you.
See you next time!

* * * T H E E N D * * *