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China 2015
22/4 - 16/5

                            22.April, flights Amsterdam - Helsinki - Chongqing
                            23.April, Arrival Chongqing
                            25.April, day trip to Dazu Baodingshan rock carvings
                            26.April, flight Chongqing - Zhangjiajie
                            27.April, Tianmen Mountain
                            28.April, bus Zhangjiajie to Changsha
                            29.April, trains Changsha to Wuhan and Wuhan to Yangxin
                            05.May, car Yangxin to Wuhan, train Wuhan to Beijing
                            08.May, flights heit & mem: Beijing - Helsinki - Amsterdam
                            08.May, flight Johan & Weiwei: Beijing - Harbin
                            11.May, trains Harbin to Shenyang and Shenyang to Dandong
                            13.May, train Dandong to Shenyang
                            15.May, train Shenyang to Beijing
                            16.May, flights Beijing - Helsinki - Amsterdam

Amsterdam - Helsinki

Helsinki - Chongqing

Weiwei wants spicy Chinese breakfast when we arrive in Chongqing

massage with our clothes on

visit Ciqikou ancient town of Chongqing

names and zodiac signs

hot pot lunch with old classmate Jessie

One-hour night cruise on Yangtze River and Jialing River

day trip to Baodingshan rock carvings near Dazu
(70plus are for free)

31 meters long sleeping Buddha

partner searching on Sunday morning, down at Hongyadong

a short flight from Chongqing to Zhangjiajie

Feyenoord (Rotterdam) - Ajax (Amsterdam), in the hostel of Zhangjiajie

everybody likes aubergine, a repeating dish for the trip

curious girls

longest cable car ride in the world, more than 7 kilometers


hike on Tianmen Mountain

one of many escalators inside Tianman Mountain

curious workers

999 steps...

Tianmen Mountain Gate

Zhangjiajie Fox Fairy show

waiting for the bus to Changsha

Mao´s restaurant
(chairman Mao is born in the province Hunan)

dinner with friend Yuanzhi and his wife

Hunan style stinky tofu

Chairman Mao his favorite pork dish

where are we going now?

taking a train to Wuhan and Yangxin

pick-up by Weiwei her brother in his car

Arrived in Weiwei her hometown Yangxin

First dinner with Weiwei her brother

First visit to Weiwei her parents

welcome fireworks

playing cards in front of the house

gifts from Weiwei her brother his trips to Bali, Sri Lanka and Japan

writing invitations

mother with curious neigbor ladies and cousin

New clothes for Weiwei her mother

euro coins

pictures from the Dutch family

Yangxin street life

meeting two cousins and their friend

decorating the hotel room

aunt (oldest sister of mother)

lunch time

Weiwei's mother her family has arrived

neigbor kids

in the hotel lobby

Li Jie, PhD student in Wuhan, and one of the few English speaking neighbors

grand dinner

behind the mahjong table more fireworks

bridesmaids and bed making ladies

lunch in the hotel

English speaking classmate with her sweet daughter

killing time by playing mahjong at our hotel room

time for a dinner party

father his family

mother her family

again welcome fireworks


Weiwei and brother

with the cooks for these days

childhood picture of Weiwei

visit best friend Fangfang
(hand made shoes as a gift for Weiwei and mem)

and her husband

Fangfang her brother has just married on the same day

cookies for the Dutch guests

Fangfang and Weiwei


Liu Juan, another childhood friend

buyings a bag and belts at the market (sellers are from Xinjiang Province)

visit the new church of Yangxin
hidden between apartment buildings

we get drinks for free, because we are "brothers and sisters"

visit the pagode of Yangxin

the bell is for the morning
(the drum is for the evening)

tower is symbolic for fighting the water

watching the video from May the 2nd

brother his speech

last supper in Yangxin

ride to Wuhan with Weiwei her brother's car

high speed train to Beijing, with maximum of 309 km/hour

arriving at Soluxe Coutyard Hotel in Beijing

the next days mother her eye is worse, we need to go to a doctor

hospital visit in Beijing

Great Wall wine

our courtyard hotel used to be a temple

lunch at the big yellow M with old classmate Ke Hua

Family Liu restaurant

roasted duck dinner with old classmate Xianqiang and his wife

amateur singing Beijing opera songs

Beijing Hou Hai (Back Lake)

Beijing olympic bird's nest stadium

Beijing Foreign Languages University in Wudaokou

Weiwei her old apartment in Wudaokou area

goodbye icecream

parents flying back to Holland on May the 8th

we fly to Harbin in the North East of China

first impression of Harbin

a city with Russian and Japanese colonial history

dumpling dinner near our hostel in Harbin

Russian kbac drink
(tastes like rivella)

Sophia Cathedral in Harbin is now a museum

... with photo exhibition

"I compare the Party to my Mother"

pancakes with vegetables

Zhongyang Pedestrian Street, Harbin

R.S. Stokvis en Zonen, Rotterdam

Hello Kitty girls

promotion girls


street dance/excercise

old Synagogue Concert Hall

large portions...

Harbin is famous for the ice festival with ice sculptures

Xinjiang style dancing lady

stroll along the Songhua River in Harbin

the current president his propaganda

Harbin Flood Control Memorial Tower

lunch snack

young wedding couple in a park

cake boys

pedal boat

waiting for the train to Shenyang

train to Dandong, hiding my blue eyes for North Korean spies

great Korean food in Dandong


Weiwei as North Korean girl

Broken Bridge

lunch in KFC with brownie cakes

bridge connecting China with North Korea

North Korean girls working in China

Forbidden to throw things to North Korea

Apartment buildings in Dandong

changing child policy from 1 to 2

sticky rice sausage

railway station of Dandong

arriving in Shenyang

revolution and liberation books

Marshal Zhang

evening time is excercise time

theater for famous comedian Zhao Benshan and fellow students

The Imperial Palace of the Qing Dynasty in Shenyang

room of one of the concubines

old tickets

lunch with a mango shake

American style school bus

Papa John's Pizza in Happy Family Mall

Shenyang North Railway Station

lunch at Kungfu

train to Beijing, this one goes 195 km/hour

date cake

everywhere in China constructing apartment buildings

arriving in Beijing

taxi to the airport hotel

May 16th, day flight to Helsinki

*** THE END ***